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Sunday, September 2, 2012

one truth i know this far...

(as a side note...this post was actually written in april. i only just realized i never posted it.)

the number one truth for me is "there is no such thing as coincidence". take a moment to think about it...i have thought about this for a long time and have many experiences that have proven it to me.
there have been way too many times that i have talked about or thought about someone whom i have not seen, heard about, or heard from in months possibly years, and boom there they are either showing up, calling, or i am all of a sudden hearing about them from a mutual friend.

one reason i bring this up is that i believe whenever i have had something specific on my mind / on my heart if you will, it seems as though there is always a coinciding moment that goes along with it, providing me with the answer i was searching for. when something i may be trying to do isn't working out from the start then i don't push it, because i believe if it is not working out then it isn't meant to be. just as that has happened, i also have had things fall right in place when i was afraid it may be impossible, and went for it anyway, because i felt it was right and it worked from the start.

it may be a gut instinct (which i believe is God steering my decisions). either way it is not a coincidence. with all my heart and soul i believe what we focus on is what we get more of, be it good or bad.

the definition of coincidence is not some weird woo woo happening that we have made it out ot be. it simply means be in the same place...happen at the same time...to be alike. it means two things coincide with each other at the same time. many times not being an accident, but a plan put into place by God.

lately i have had quite a few situations where the timing was so crazy i couldn't believe it myself. every time this happens i am in complete awe...in that i almost am afraid to think for fear that i may have some negative thought that will come to fruition.

what have you experienced in your life that you thought was a coincidence? i would love to hear about it.   

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